About Us

If you are looking for an industrial solution, we are here to help.

Westa Open Innovation Center (WOIC) located in Karaj, Iran, is closely associated with and hierarchically affiliated to the Iranian Science and Technology Vice-Presidency of the Government. The institute works in close contact with universities of Tarbiat-e-Modarres University and Imam Khomeini Higher Education Center, and is missioned to bridge between researches in a wide range of biological (with minor focus on agricultural) science fields and their applied applications. WOIC currently hosts above 50 Science-based startups/spin-offs and anchor science-based companies and is jointly funded by the government and the private sector. Westa also officially represents the German Primate Center in Iran.

Our Mission

‚ÄčOur training to create, lead, and grow an innovation unit and network to bring companies together to create an innovative and valuable product (Demo Day) and connect with business units that need innovation, we are a bridge between entrepreneurs, investors, startups and innovative companies of the company.