westa open innovation center

Westa oic is a chain between ideas and technology that has succeeded in guiding ideas on the way to technology. In this series, with the presence of experts and elite forces, we are always trying to take a step towards the advancement of technology and technology by researching in various fields.

What can we do?

We turn your ideas into innovative products


Innovation in marketing to produce innovative products of start-ups

Laboratory & workshop

Providing laboratory , workshop and creating a platform for Production of primary product

Business coaching

providing Mentorship in the field of business and technology

Providing work space

Providing office space, workshop and work space

We connect you to the Innovation Network

We teach you the concepts; Understand the creation, leadership and growth of a business. We create a network between you and the product creators. We build a bridge between innovation, investors, startups and innovative teams. The result of these activities will be the development of your innovative business.

Our focus is on new business models

We have created programs for innovation. Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship Programs, Business Acceleration and Innovation Acceleration Companies are just some of our plans to turn innovation into a product. Then, with training, business coaching, end product design and marketing, we bring innovation into the market.


Westa innovation center

You can visit the westa open Innovation Center website and learn more about our services.

our services

We have special training for starting your business


To be an entrepreneur, you have to take risks and come up with new ideas. In other words, you have to cultivate your mind with a new way of thinking.

Acceleration Center

If you have developed your idea and invested in it, you can accelerate the growth of your business in the acceleration center to identify your customers faster.

Laboratory & workshop

We proudly invites all owners of ideas and businesses to visit the facilities provided, such as: sheds, private and shared offices, land, laboratories, workshops and technology cafes, and based on their needs, the available spaces for business growth and development. And benefit from their work.