Imports and exports

Choosing a good option on any route will ease the difficulties along the way. We have tried to use the experience and expertise of a strong team in the export and import of goods, to provide international transportation and clearance of goods in the best way.

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Providing all import services from the beginning to the end with Vestatek company

Customs Affairs

Customs Affairs is an integral part of the foreign trade process. Everyone who works in the field of import and export is definitely aware of its importance.


Performing export services and consulting in this field by Westa Company, with years of experience in the field of exporting goods


Clearance services will be provided by our company. We have many years of brilliant experience in the field of clearance services in our resume.

commercial services

It is our honor and duty to provide you with the best sales in the world markets


clearance is the most important process of transporting imported and exported goods between the borders of different countries, which includes various stages and hierarchies depending on the laws and regulations of the countries. Therefore, to perform this important process, you need to be familiar with the clearance process. Because if you do not know enough about the steps of customs clearance, your goods may be considered smuggled and cause a lot of financial and credit damage.

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commercial services

Westatech Company, with many years of brilliant history in the field of import, export, clearance, transportation of goods and commercial services in Iran and other countries, with an experienced team, is at your service to provide the best commercial services.