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Iranian bulbs breeding

Brief description of the “idea”: One of the interesting properties of Bulbs are their ability to forcing so that conditions can be provided for the bulb to germinate and flower earlier. Because Bulbs are resistant to water shortage and the climate of Iran is drought. Can be used in floriculture, cut branches, food and medicinal products such as resistant and superior samples of Crocus sativus, Allium cepa, Allium stipitatum, Allium sativum, Allium ampeloprasum, etc. so that it can be exported throughout the country and abroad with high durability. Many native Iranian medicinal and edible Bulbs such as Allium stipitatum and other Allium species are endangered, which can be protected, propagated and planted by the method of ripening and correcting superior cultivars. After that, identify resistant cultivars and use their effective materials for processing, so that the forcing method of bulbs can reach the stage of flowering, seed and propagation more quickly.